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Founded in 1991, Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC was the original pioneer of Real-Time Claims processing, delivering auto-adjudicated dental claims with finalized results from Payors in a matter of seconds.

Over the years, Tesia has continued to focus on offering an all-Payor dental clearinghouse solution while maintaining its primary focus and position as the dental industry leader in end-to-end Real-Time Claims processing. Having processed millions of claims, Tesia remains the turnkey source for dental EDI processing.

In support of its claims processing business, Tesia also offers administrative EDI transactions (eligibility and benefit verification, claim status, explanation of benefit (EOB), electronic attachments, managed care eligiblity data and more)! Complimenting its EDI solutions and services, Tesia is also a recognized leader in Business Process Outsource (BPO) service (paper-to-EDI/OCR; printing).

Today, Tesia services tens of thousands of providers and hundreds of Payors and Vendors nationwide through an array of hardware, software and service solutions, all in an effort to continue its ongoing pursuit of Electronic Data INTELLIGENCE™.

  • EDI Claims Clearinghouse (Real-Time & batch)
  • Paper-to-EDI / OCR Services
  • Printing Services
  • Custom EDI / Translation Services
  • Application & Software Development


Tesia Profile

* Processed first Real-Time Claim in 1991

* Real-Time & batch claims clearinghouse

* BPO services (paper-to-EDI/OCR; printing)

* Clients include Payors, Providers, & Vendors

* Openly promotes the exchange of EDI transactions

* Focused on accelerating revenue cycles, lowering costs and increasing operational efficiencies in healthcare



  • Eric Kirnbauer - COO
    IT, Operations & Product Development

  • Trish Edler - Vice President
    QC / Registration

  • Lori Young - Director of Payor Services
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